Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Gates Pedal System

If you check out a pic of my new 9:Zero:7 fat bike I added a Gates pedal system to the bike.

The pedals are wide platforms made out of a plastic resin over metal and that plastic pedal base works well over a metal pedal base to insulate against cold.....I know it sounds crazy but it does make a big difference when the temps really drop.

The gates pedal system was about 50 dollars over at Back Yard Bikes out of LaGrange WI and has a velcro strap system that really holds the foot in place almost as good as a clipless pedal.....but the down side is that they are a little tricky getting the feet into them with a full hiking boot...

Overall I think that these pedals are awesome and work really well however there is a new boot out now for extreme winter temps made by 45North for clipless pedal systems.....next season for me on those.....but for now these pedals are just great for thick comfy warm hiking boots....

I know many a fat biker that just ride platform pedals with no clips or clipless and that is an option in deep snow conditions but for me with the little snow that we have had in Wisconsin these Gates pedals are wonderful and of course there is a huge  buzz over that 45North killer winter boot for clipless pedals....



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