Wednesday, March 22, 2017

So I thought I should write another poem.

What is a bicycle?

Well that is a grand question.

Course its about a personal perspective.

My pals were having a "productive discussion" about American politics.

Who is the enemy?

Choose me.

I just love Tip O'Neal who coined the term that all politics is local.

course what is local.

I have a bitch.

We have a local ten million dollar park that no one knows about and no one can hardly get into.

Course who am I?

Just a local guy who would love to see this new park expanded and developed.

And so as I ramble on I wanted to talk politics.

And here it is one of my crazy poems.

Trump or Clinton whats the difference did your personal life get better or worse from either of them?

Here is an American perspective. We will out last you.

          Not Elected But Chosen

What if they get in

Should Waukesha residents have nuclear weapons

Should one die by car

By far you shall die by car

On any American road

To lower ones risk

Stay away from any bicycle

Bicycle riding is the risk on any American road

I love the risk

Jesus said love one another

On any Christian road

Only road to him but love to the other

Friday, February 26, 2016

Rainbow Springs

Rainbow springs is the name of Wisconsin's most expensive park.

Was it worth the money?

You be the judge....

Many say that politics does not matter  I beg to differ....

 Of course I would say politics gave us this new very expensive park. The finest in Wisconsin in my not so humble opinion.

One fine politician that I loved once said that all politics was local

I tend to agree

Local can be loco....

It is a must visit...

Come and see for your self

can we justify yet one more expensive park....

I think so....

                            A River

The lord works in mysterious ways

to save a river so fair and so love covers all

as I walk and see the lust to own such beauty

how can only one own

the spirit has returned

so that spirit fills all in turn

come let me show you a river


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snowy windy wintery day on the Glacial Drumlin Trail

Today I went out on the Glacial Drumlin trail for a couple hour bike ride.

It was really windy ....and about 32 degrees till it started to snow!

It was that kind of snow with the wind when it hurts your face when riding into a fierce head wind and when the snow built up on the trail it got to be a workout....

Always fun to get out on a bike in late February.....


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Gates Pedal System

If you check out a pic of my new 9:Zero:7 fat bike I added a Gates pedal system to the bike.

The pedals are wide platforms made out of a plastic resin over metal and that plastic pedal base works well over a metal pedal base to insulate against cold.....I know it sounds crazy but it does make a big difference when the temps really drop.

The gates pedal system was about 50 dollars over at Back Yard Bikes out of LaGrange WI and has a velcro strap system that really holds the foot in place almost as good as a clipless pedal.....but the down side is that they are a little tricky getting the feet into them with a full hiking boot...

Overall I think that these pedals are awesome and work really well however there is a new boot out now for extreme winter temps made by 45North for clipless pedal season for me on those.....but for now these pedals are just great for thick comfy warm hiking boots....

I know many a fat biker that just ride platform pedals with no clips or clipless and that is an option in deep snow conditions but for me with the little snow that we have had in Wisconsin these Gates pedals are wonderful and of course there is a huge  buzz over that 45North killer winter boot for clipless pedals....


Beautiful day and a kewl new bike.....

A bit of slogging through some sticky wet snow

Ride to Lapham peak

I hooked up with this plowed bike trail going towards Lapham peak which is a cool Wisconsin State park... This is a connector trail off of the fantastic Glacial Drumlin Trail keeping cyclists off the very busy Waukesha county roads. The weather was fantastic approaching 40 degrees with lots of snow melt yet the trail was awesome!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fat bikes are for "dirty" trails!!

That 9:Zero:7 got a good work out today judging by all that Glacial Drumlin limestone dust that dried on that bike!

 Boy, that stuff is harder to clean up then mud!

 I was covered in a light layer of limestone cake after the ride but a beer or two and about 45 minutes the bike was clean and I was clean and I scraped the lime stone off of my shoes..... The KMB

Friday, January 18, 2013

Fat bike on the Glacial Drumlin Trail


I started from the bike doc's shop on a warm mid January day. The trail got a little soft in spots and the bike was a mess after about 55 miles of trail riding but its always fun to be riding a great trail like this any time of the year!!

 On the soft spots the fat tires just rolled right over them with out sinking to much. The ground is still frozen but the top inch or two was wet and soft. Other areas of the trail were icy with a slight bit of powder on the ice so it was not all that slippery.

The worst part of the afternoon were the non stop south west head winds but the tail wind back was great fun and as night came so did the trail freeze up!! KMB

Thursday, January 03, 2013

New 9:Zero: 7 fat bike

I just got this beautiful bicycle home from the shop. Andy just did a super job with the design and build of this bike. I did not have much time to ride it much today but what little I did ride it it is awesome! Plan on a longish ride tomorrow in the Kettle Moraine forest to give the bike a full go around.... KMB