Wednesday, March 22, 2017

So I thought I should write another poem.

What is a bicycle?

Well that is a grand question.

Course its about a personal perspective.

My pals were having a "productive discussion" about American politics.

Who is the enemy?

Choose me.

I just love Tip O'Neal who coined the term that all politics is local.

course what is local.

I have a bitch.

We have a local ten million dollar park that no one knows about and no one can hardly get into.

Course who am I?

Just a local guy who would love to see this new park expanded and developed.

And so as I ramble on I wanted to talk politics.

And here it is one of my crazy poems.

Trump or Clinton whats the difference did your personal life get better or worse from either of them?

Here is an American perspective. We will out last you.

          Not Elected But Chosen

What if they get in

Should Waukesha residents have nuclear weapons

Should one die by car

By far you shall die by car

On any American road

To lower ones risk

Stay away from any bicycle

Bicycle riding is the risk on any American road

I love the risk

Jesus said love one another

On any Christian road

Only road to him but love to the other


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