Friday, February 26, 2016

Rainbow Springs

Rainbow springs is the name of Wisconsin's most expensive park.

Was it worth the money?

You be the judge....

Many say that politics does not matter  I beg to differ....

 Of course I would say politics gave us this new very expensive park. The finest in Wisconsin in my not so humble opinion.

One fine politician that I loved once said that all politics was local

I tend to agree

Local can be loco....

It is a must visit...

Come and see for your self

can we justify yet one more expensive park....

I think so....

                            A River

The lord works in mysterious ways

to save a river so fair and so love covers all

as I walk and see the lust to own such beauty

how can only one own

the spirit has returned

so that spirit fills all in turn

come let me show you a river



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