Sunday, May 02, 2010

Broke down on the road

I simply must practice what I preach.
Ride smart and have a few tools on you and have a few tubes and have a good pump weather it be CO2 or a hand pump.
I must confess that I did not check out my CO2 system before the ride.
I found out my mistake after flatting. Thankfully for me a well equipped Randonneur came to my rescue with a great hand pump.
And that is the spirit of Randonneuring since they are more like tours and not races folks will stop and help you if you are in trouble.
Another rider's idler pulley exploded leaving his only option to put the gear in one gear for the rest of the ride.
That is another thing about Randonneuring is that you never know out on the road what will happen and the creative part is figuring out a way to finish the ride!
So, if you have problems out on the road and you over come them and finish the ride that will be a memory you will have forever!
So, its best to maintain a positive attitude and hope for the best when adversity on the road hits. And it will hit you it happens to everyone if you ride long enough...


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