Sunday, May 02, 2010

GLR 200K Brevet

Today's ride put on by the Great Lakes Randonneurs was a super well organized event with a great well marked course.
Great job to Jim Kreps and his staff as the RBA of this club!
Jim told me that there were 84 riders on this 200k an increase over last years rides.
I must point out that the age of riders of Brevets seems to be dropping as ultra sports seem to be gaining in popularity. In years past a number of us "older" Brevet riders were lamenting the lack of growth particularly with the 20 something crowd.
That seems to me to not be a problem anymore for Brevets.
I was in the lead group of riders until flatting and the pace was tough and there were plenty of young fast riders into ultra cycling. I think that this is one of the most positive developments in ultra's in quite a few years.
Of course time will tell if I am right or wrong with these observations.
Just reporting what I observed out on the road...


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