Saturday, May 15, 2010

GLR 300K

Today was the 300. What can I say? The conditions were near perfect but the main conclusion was that many of us just road way to fast in the first 75 miles of this ride.
I know that I certainly did!
Let me give you an example. The lead group got to Broadhead in 2 hours and 2 minutes.
That's well over 20 mph for a very hilly Brevet. To the second stop at 72 miles the group was still well over 20 mph.
Not that this is bad or anything its just not what my ride plan was early in a 300k with massive climbs.
Well, just got caught up in the whole spirt of the game like many of us did.
But, bottom line I did suffer for this latter in the ride.
I was recovering from a pretty intense illness this past week and for me anyway I had no business riding this fast that early in a 300k. Live and learn. And if one is smart one will apply what one has learned on the 400k I plan on this for sure.
The Super 8 hotel needs more parking for its customers. If needed please park across the street at future Brevets.
Some of our events seem to have a lot of riders and we need to be considerate of our hosts.


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